The Accessories That Lift Your Groom Game

A fresh haircut and suit aside, there’s more to looking good on your day. Even with a casual wedding, you can always find ways to take your style to the next level with these accessories. There are plenty of ways to personalise your outfit so that it feels like a perfect representation of you, and the best is by selecting the right groom accessories. Pick and choose the ones that suit your style and dress to impress.

The classic watch.
Back in the day, every man wore a watch, today with mobile phones everywhere, it’s a 50-50. Keeping in mind this is the one day you can’t be late, it’s the perfect excuse to wear that special watch, or treat yourself to an investment piece. It’s way classier than carrying your phone with you on the day.

There’s so much to consider in neckwear. A traditional tie, a bowtie, no tie, solid coloured, subtlely printed or bold colours, the list goes on. Whatever look you’re going for, from black tie formal to registry casual, there’s some wort of neckwear to match. Beyond your chosen fabric, colour and patterns will make your tie stand out. If you’re all about sporting bold groom accessories, a statement print or bold colour (especially jewel tones in autumn) will take your suit to the next level.

Pocket square/handerchief or boutonniere?
The easiest way to add a bit of colour is by wearing a pocket square or boutonniere (the small spring of flowers or single flower that is work on the chest. Go light, dark, or all-out quirky—the only rule for this must-have accessory is that it be expertly folded and elevates your wedding suit. If you’re keeping the rest of your look simple, a floral pocket square or simple polka dots will add just a hint of playful colour. You can also match it to your partner’s accessories for a coordinated look.

If you’re a traditionalist, a handkerchief or pocket square can nicely tick off your ‘something old’ or ‘something blue.’ Ask your father or granddad whether he’s got a special one to lend you for the occasion.

Opting for a boutonniere instead? Join your bride-to-be when she consults the florist, and coordinate it to her bouquet.

Suspenders or a belt?
If your going for a formal wedding suit, a belt is a must, but suspenders can also add a bit of style as well. They’ll likely be covered up for all the serious stuff (unless you’re going jacket-less and casual) but when it’s time to lose your jacket and hit the dance floor, you can really up your fashion ante with a great pair of suspenders. Add some color without being too crazy or go classic, the choice is yours.

Tie bar or a tie tack?
This tiny little accessory packs a big punch for its size. A tie bar or tie pin pulls together your formal look but adds an understated hint of polish.

Of all the groom accessories you can wear, a set of cufflinks adds some serious clout to your wedding look. Styles are plentiful, too. Go for classic or wear a novelty pair that suits your personality. Also, a sentimental yet subtle big day gift, why not organise customized cufflinks for you and each of your groomsmen, with each gents initials engraved on their pair. It’s thoughtful and practical.

Wallet or money clip?
Similar to your phone, you won’t want to carry a bulky wallet in your suit, so why not opt for just your essentials (a little cash or a card for emergencies, your driver’s license, hotel room key, etc) and use a money clip as a stylish and lightweight alternative to carting around your usual bulky wallet.