Fabulous Places for Getting Ready

Araluen getting ready

especially for brides

What is the secret to a totally chilled, luxurious, gorgeous lead up to the grand event? A fabulous venue that you can settle into and call your own while you connect, prepare and pamper. Rachel Hanson from Araluen Boutique Accommodation has welcomed many bridal parties seeking a sweet ‘home away from home’ experience for getting ready and beyond.

Planning an ‘away-from-home’ wedding has many advantages and is a fabulous way to gather your bridal party together and bring ease to wedding day preparations. Here are some great reasons to consider an accommodation wedding package not only for you, but perhaps even for the whole family!

  1. Everyone is together–Weddings are one of those times when you want everyone special close at hand and involved in the wedding preparations, especially your bridal party. Families also come in so many shapes these days that it may not be possible to get ready ‘at home’ so a neutral space may be a stress-free space. At Araluen there is even a wedding day room, a space large enough for wedding day preparations for the whole family.

  2. Gather your special people the night before–The majority of wedding groups arrive the night before allowing them the opportunity to have a pre-wedding gathering after their wedding rehearsal. Also a great time for a little pampering with in-house massages!

  3. Gorgeous setting–The destination wedding is one of the most popular wedding themes and the opportunity to arrive early and leave later is all part of the treat. When you’ve attended to every tiny detail of a wedding in planning, having a gorgeous setting for ‘getting ready’ and‘pre-ceremony’ photos can be a compelling reason to choose boutique accommodationwhereeleganceisrighttherecuratedforyou. ‘Reveals’ are also becoming very popular and being in the same venue allows for this to happen seamlessly.

  4. Service and amenities–Boutique accommodation comes with personalised service – you’ll have a team at hand that is there to smooth the edges and make sure every moment goes to plan. And it’s also possible to book rooms for the bride and groom to get ready at one venue without seeing each other.

  5. Holiday feels and extended celebrations–Some couples book for a third night to relax, reminisce and unwind away from home after guests have left. This also opens the option for a DIY post-wedding (next day) gathering for catchups, especially with family and friends that may have travelled a long way to see you. It’s super easy to have the venue cater a special lunch or afternoon tea with all the trimmings included.

  6. Convenience and simplicity–Choosing accommodation close to your wedding venue is just easier – there’s less time in a car for a bride’s dress to crease and wedding transport costs may be more manageable. Wedding suppliers are happy to travel anywhere these days. Some add a travel fee, but in the grand scheme of wedding costs, this is nothing for the simplicity it can bring to your wedding day.

    With Rachel Hanson, owner, Araluen Boutique Accommodation