7 Tips For Smashing Your Thank You Notes

After your wedding, it is only natural to thank your friends and loved ones for taking the time celebrate with you, and show gratitude for any gifts they may have given. If starting those thank you notes seems like a daunting task, fear not, here are a few ideas to inspire you and make it easier. 

First, here’s why thank you notes matter. While wedding have become less traditional over the years, thank you notes are still just as thoughtful and meaningful. They acknowledge you’ve received a gift and appreciate the time and thought that went into choosing it.  

But at their best, wedding thank-you notes can remind a friend or loved one how much they mean to you and thank them, not only for adding to your big day, but for being part of your life. And that’s more than important—it’s essential. It’s taking good care of the people who mean the most.

Our tips for getting started:

1. Have your guest list ready. If you’re planning your wedding, be super organised and put it in a spreadsheet so it’s easier to do invites later. When you open your gifts after your wedding, add the gift to the guest who gave it to remember it easier later.
2. Choose your stationery. Find something that matches your wedding invites or reflects your style as a couple. You’ll also need a supply of stamps.
3. Use the formula. Generally, a thank you for a wedding is meant to acknowledge the gift or their help/participation on the day, elaborate on why or how you’ll use it, make a personal connection recipient and say thanks again. Need ideas or inspo? Scroll to the bottom for more tips on how to say it best.
4. Do it in sections. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed thinking about writing out all those notes, so schedule an hour or two each night with your partner in front of the TV or however it suits and give yourself a specific number of notes. If you can tackle 10 or 20 at a time, it makes the task far more bearable.
5. Send them promptly.  It’s important (and polite) to mail your thank you notes as early as possible. Even if you do them in batches, it’s better than waiting until their all finished to post them.
6. Write them by hand. Your note will be more personal, even if your handwriting it’s perfect, it’s still far nicer to receive a hand written note over an email.
7. Include everyone. If the gift was given from a couple of family, make sure to include the names of everyone in your note.

Tips on wording.

Saying ‘Thank You’ in a lot of different ways can be tricky. If you’re looking for inspiration here are a few ideas to get the creative juices going.

For gifts, try something along the lines of:

Thank you so much for the gorgeous cutlery set you gave us for our wedding! It’s already coming in handy and looks amazing with our dining dishes. We’re touched by your thoughtfulness, and really appreciate that you were able to attend our special day. Having you both there meant so much to us. Thank you again!

For gifts of money or gift cards, try something along the lines of:

Thanks so much for the very thoughtful wedding gift. Couples can always use a little help getting started on their new life together, and we’re no exception.  Your generous gift means a lot to us. And so do you.

While you’re saying thanks, it’s also important to give a little thanks to any venues, suppliers or wedding professionals who made your day run perfectly with a positive online review.