Getting Hitched with the Locals

Rick Liston couple with nimbi

There you were. Everything was going along perfectly smoothly until BOOM. The proposal.

Now you’ve got to somehow fit in planning the biggest event of your life, which you only get one shot at, and oh, you’ve never done anything like it before.

Here’s a little secret. You’ve got this. There are awesome people around every corner who have gone through this many times and who live and breathe weddings in the Yarra Valley.

When you meet with a local supplier, you’re not just getting advice on their particular service, you’re getting a wealth of knowledge on who they love to work with and why. Your Yarra Valley wedding day is so much more than what you can gather from a website, so get out there and start meeting your suppliers in person. You can love my photos, for instance, but the only way for me to get those raw, unguarded moments of pure love is when you feel comfortable being yourselves around me. Grabbing a morning coffee, craft beer, glass of wine or a local gin together is great way of finding who you’re going to resonate with on the day.

Rick Liston wedding party with kombi

You’re getting targeted advice by meeting with local suppliers, specific to your Yarra Valley wedding. We can make your planning so much easier by recommending other suppliers that are familiar with your venue and the look and feel you’re trying to achieve. You can even let us help you choose your venue. I shoot weddings flat-out throughout the year, so I’ve seen a lot of local venues in a lot of different conditions, in all seasons, plus, I experience the whole wedding from start to finish. I honestly don’t think there’s anyone more qualified than a local photographer to give advice on the perfect venue for you once we get to know each other and hear what you’re after on your wedding day.

Seriously, local knowledge can’t be understated. I’ve had the pleasure of helping many couples organise separate location shoots on private properties, giving them the unique experience of taking wedding photos somewhere incredible that has never been shot before. I’ve taken couples to friends’ vineyards, closed to the public, with breathtaking views. I’ve even taken a couple to my own property, three minutes from their wedding venue for photos in a grassy field overlooking the Yarra Valley and cuddles with a two week old alpaca. This is the specialised value of going local.

Your wedding planning made easier. Your wedding day made unforgettable.