Heartfelt Moments

by Rick Liston

“One of the reasons I love to shoot Yarra Valley weddings so much and why it seldom feels like a ‘job’ is that it allows you to fall in love with humanity.

On no other days in our life do we such openly share how we truly feel about each other. Partner to partner, parents to children, best mates to best mates.

It takes a Yarra Valley wedding for us to verbalise things we’ve perhaps never said before, and yet they have been deeply felt, in some cases all our lives. They create such heartfelt moments that are a blessing not just to photograph, but to witness.

That’s the magic of photography, that while we may never hear those words again, the emotion lives on in the photos that transport us back to that exact moment, and that exact feeling, and your heart melts all over again.”

All photos by Rick Liston