5 Reasons Mid-Week Weddings Are a Vibe

Mid-week weddings, once seen as a budget-friendly option are becoming way more popular, and not just for elopements, vow renewals and second weddings. While they’re an excellent way to prevent budget blowout, there are several other advantages too.

Here are five great reasons why holding a mid-week wedding might be perfect for you.

Wedding couple holding hands.

1. Get your wedding ‘dream team’. Your perfect venue and suppliers are far more likely to be available on a Thursday afternoon than a Saturday. Weekends are incredibly popular, so if you have your heart set on a specific venue or photographer and everyone’s booked for 20 months of weekends, you may not have to wait so long to assemble your perfect wedding without compromise. As a bonus, suppliers are as rushed mid-week as they might otherwise be on a weekend so they can often dedicate more time to your event.

2. Mid-week weddings can be more intimate. Not always, but often smaller weddings, more intimate wedding ceremonies for just close friends and family are perfectly suited to mid-week. And f you love the idea of holding your wedding on a specific date (e.g. the anniversary of your first date, etc.) it won’t matter if it doesn’t fall on a weekend.

3. Save your budget. Accommodation, venues and suppliers might be less expensive mid-week. Discounted rates and mid-week specials can help you save your budget, which is excellent if you’re saving for a house deposit or hoping to splash out a little bit more on your honeymoon. Oftentimes for couples doing vow renewals, second weddings or elopements, the wedding budget might not be as substantial, so a mid-week wedding offers the perfect solution.

A bridal couple with large bouquet of flowers.

4. Less likely guests will have double booked. Selecting a day mid-week means your guest are more likely to have the day free (assuming of course they take the day off work.) Weekends, particularly in the warmer months, can be busy and choosing a weekday means fewer schedule conflicts.

5. Your guests get a day off (or a super-long weekend). Who doesn’t love a day off? Holding your wedding means everyone gets a day off work. Alternatively, a twilight wedding can be beautiful and allow guests who might have tricky work schedules to better accommodate.

Choosing a Monday or the day before a long weekend (such as the day before Good Friday or the day before Anzac Day) means your guests get an extra-long weekend to boot.

No matter what day you choose as your special day, remember that your friends and family will no doubt make the effort to make it incredible.

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