An abundance of love – Autumn feels

potters receptions

“Autumn says: yes, I do”

Celebrate your love with an autumn wedding. Autumn is an abundant season that brings a unique tone to a wedding with the turning of the leaves and the softening of the light coming together to create perfect backdrops for ceremonies, and endless days of ‘just right’ weather for all the right feels. In the parks and gardens, deciduous trees drop red and golden leaves creating lush natural carpets and magical settings for photos. The Dandenong Ranges is famous for autumn displays of colour that cannot be found anywhere else, and beautifully kept gardens with majestic trees, pretty lakes, and meandering pathways can serve as ideal destinations for ceremonies, receptions, photos and all of the above.

For a destination that is less than an hour from Melbourne, the Yarra Valley offers so much diversity for an autumn wedding. Just arriving makes you feel good. Deep green forests, endless verdant pastures, farm animals grazing and ripening orchards trim the roads. Vineyards stretch out on either side offering perfect destinations for weddings among the turning of the vines.

This time of the year is about options. Want to get married outdoors? Autumn’s mild nature lets you choose your day, your way. Want to get married in a chapel, or a barrel room, or with stunning views surrounded by the buzz of vintage? Autumns abundance gives you all the choices you deserve.

The autumn palette of colours is naturally on trend—the florals that make your heart sing are right at home in an autumn setting. And autumn says “yes, I do” when it comes to eating well and abundantly. Bring the harvest to the table and enjoy a feast fit for a couple—it’s your day to be at the head of the table.

Find Your Self at an autumn wedding in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges and start life in the season of wedded bliss.