Looking ahead – an autumn wedding

Riverstone couple in thee sun

The colours of autumn are perfectly suited to a wedding. Golden tones shimmer in lemon curd tarts, and oyster pink flashes from the underside of wild mushrooms foraged from the forest floor. Shimmering fireflies make magic on midnight blue skies, and under our feet the world is carpeted in the crisp orange leaves of the shedding trees. Ruby red wines, the soft milky hue of a café latte – the inspiration is all around.

Add the misty mornings that softly shoulder the rising sun, and dusky evenings that gently lead us into cooler nights with a wine glass in one hand and our one true love in the other. The braziers are lit to welcome us back from long walks, our breath visible in tiny bursts of ‘I love you’.

If nature is your home ground, the place you truly feel alive, a wedding in the Dandenong Ranges or Yarra Valley is your happy place. In autumn, the gardens burst into a glorious song of life. There’s a heady scent in the air that is underscored by the sweetness of fresh earth and cool breezes. The race is over – you’ve arrived and it’s time to say ‘I do’ to all of it.

Let’s get married!

If you love colour, then autumn is the perfect time for a wedding with a palette of natural hues that are flattering and so easy to fall in love with.