Fabulous Food Truck Weddings

Food truck food

Do your Yarra Valley wedding your way.

If a sit down, choice-of-two style of wedding is not for you, then the Food Truck Wedding could be the perfect way to create the Yarra Valley wedding of your dreams.

This way of celebrating can be super casual and fun and if there is a special theme you are going for, then there’s probably a food truck to match! Babaji’s Kitchen are wedding specialists who serve delicious Indian Fare from an Indian Gypsy themed cart that adds colour and flavour to your day – and provides a great backdrop for some fun photos. From setting up street food carts serving unlimited pani puri (a national obsession in India!), cooking traditional Indian feasts, Indian style brekkys and late night street snack stalls – they’ve even served the ‘morning after’ curry brunch! The Food Truck Wedding can be dialled up or down to suit your budget and number of guests so planning is easy – just add more trucks accordingly.

There’s a food truck for every need! From tapas to tacos, from wine to cocktails, from ice cream, desserts and coffee, to pizzas, Indian and more. It’s a great way to cater for different tastes and dietary requirements and your guests can graze as they please throughout your celebrations and in between precious time on the dance floor.

“The beauty of the food truck is it takes away all the difficult parts of catering like clean up. They do it all for you and you can be located almost anywhere! Food trucks are certainly the flavour of the month and this won’t change because they are an affordable and easy drive in/drive out option for events,” says Michelle French of Kinglake Forest Adventures.

Top reasons for a Food Truck Wedding:

1. Brings a festival atmosphere to your Yarra Valley wedding.

2. Provides a chance for guests to try a variety of food offers – forget choice of two!

3. Great for outdoor weddings, especially if the kitchen at your venue is small or non-existent.

4. Expands the options for where you can get married – especially to unusual and unique locations.

5. Some food truck vendors will provide planning and co-ordination right across the board for fuss free organising.

It’s beyond ‘catering’ and Sean at Essential Catering is your guy for this. “Festival weddings are perfect for those who love the festival atmosphere. Relaxed, casual and fun, they set the scene for one big party! Guests get to watch the cooking right in front of them, and mingle with each other as they enjoy the street food theatre.

How to do a Food Truck Wedding with Billy from Babaji’s Kitchen

1. Plan for all kinds of weather ( it is Melbourne after all! ). The one thing that can’t be controlled is the weather, especially rain, so think about how you can look after your guests if it’s wet. A couple of marquees, or having the food truck near the opening of a ‘barn’ or undercover area is a good solution.

2. Serve food quickly to hungry guests A small queue is acceptable but no one wants a big queue. Check in with your food truck as to how many people they can serve in 15 minutes. Pre-prepared starters can help avoid a rush when the food truck announces dinner is up and offering choice to guests with a variety of food trucks will also help manage the queues.

3. Present your food your way There are so many great rustic options these days that work well for food trucks. Make sure your truck uses environmentally friendly plates. We’ve even served off banana leaf before! It doesn’t get more traditional or environmentally friendly than that. And the clean up is easy too!

It’s an ‘experience’ rather than just being served seated from white plates,” says Billy from Babaji’s Kitchen.