Married on Monday

Weddings don’t have to be on weekends! There we’ve said it. There are seven days every week and every one of them is a perfect day for love for a Yarra Valley wedding.

Getting married on a Monday is a great option for couples looking for a sooner rather than later wedding with Yarra valley wedding venues offering available dates that can be ‘just around the corner’ for those who can’t wait to tie the knot.

The Monday wedding is a popular choice for people working in the hospitality industry. The ‘hospo weekend’ is Monday and Tuesday for all those who work weekends and a Monday wedding is a fabulous option for guests too! What a great reason to have a long weekend.

Happy international couples that choose to get married in Australian are also choosing Monday as a magic day for a Yarra Valley wedding. These celebrations often involve the guests flying in too, so the holiday vibe is already happening and the celebrations form part of a total wedding experience.

Weddings festivities that span several days have also found their momentum on Mondays, with three days of celebrations much easier to find in a busy calendar when the start of the week is favoured. The 3-day wedding traditions embraced by many Indian couples may have guests attending various celebrations coordinated over several venues and the early part of the week provides plenty of options and flexibility. Even if the final ceremony isn’t on Monday, the pre-wedding activities – dinners, henna, cultural rituals and more, are all events that can draw on the best and the bespoke offers of the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges.

And if you have a budget and want to get the most beautiful wedding you can, at your dream venue, a Monday wedding may be the key to making your vision a reality. Monday weddings mean you might avoid some of the extra costs that weekend bookings attract and many venues see your wedding as an extra opportunity to make a happy occasion and give you their full attention.

Monday weddings are at the heart of Off Peak Weddings. Make your day a Monday and start the week the best way you can – married!