Tattoo your Love

When making a commitment to love ‘forever’, a tattoo holds a great deal of significance. Almost 15% of Australians have at least one tattoo and the idea of ‘commitment tattoos’ is gathering momentum among couples. With a nod to the tradition of bridal henna art, the tattoo takes on a new form – artful, botanical, sentimental – tattoos today can be stunning reminders of your day and the love you share.

With many artists turning their hand to tattooing and visa versa, expect colour, beauty and photo-real work, that you can love forever. We’re talking tasteful, living art that will be worn with pride!

Here are some ideas:

Wear your wedding bouquet – Working from a close-up photo of your actual bouquet, tattoo artists can reproduce your flowers on the upper arm, shoulder or back. Ask your photographer to take a great up-close image when you brief them.

Mix and Match – It’s not a new thing for couples to have their ring fingers tattooed with a permanent ring, but there are plenty of other options for ways to honour your union.

His and Hers, His and His, Hers and Hers – a tattoo artist can create a unique piece of matching original art for you both to have done, perhaps with a wedding date or symbols unique to your relationship. Better still, design your own!

Two halves make a whole – on trend also is the ‘shared tattoo’ where couples have half a tattoo done on a part of their body that is mirrored on their partner. Pop the two halves together for the whole picture.

Minimalist – Your tattoo doesn’t have to be obvious. If low key is your bag and it’s more about the gesture of permanency than the tattoo, a hidden or micro tattoo might be for you. A symbol, a set of initials, or simple heart hidden in between two fingers or in a place known only to you and your partner can be super meaningful too.

Your commitment tattoos can be done together in advance of the wedding (just allow a few weeks for healing and/or more complicated work), during your honeymoon (tattoo trip anyone?) or as a milestone celebration, perhaps a first anniversary!