Summer Wedding? Here’s What You Need To Know.

Summer is prime wedding season; blue skies, sunshine. But it also means hotter weather, leaving you with a few extra things to consider. Here’s what you need to know about having a summer wedding.

Plan well in advance.

It’s the busiest time of year to get married so it truly pays to plan ahead. Especially if you’re particular about a specific venue or supplier. COVID cancelled a lot of weddings leaving venues and suppliers with a full dance card over the upcoming wedding season. Consider securing your date and vendors well in advance.

Don’t want to wait? Holding your wedding mid-week is an excellent option to ensure you get your wedding dream team and save a bit of budget too.

Lock in your suppliers such as venue, celebrant, photographers, catering, any live music or transport, florist, etc as soon as possible.

It could be hot (or not).

Typically, summer means you’re likely to have a sunny day. It also means you might very well get a swelter of a day too. Think about how the weather may affect your venue and seating arrangements. Are you seated outdoors? Does the venue have air conditioning? Will the catering need extra refrigeration or ice?

Summer dates don’t always guarantee a beautiful day and even in the middle of the summer season, rain is always a risk. It’s important to have a backup plan in the event that it does start pouring down. This could mean ensuring there’s undercover areas for an outdoor event or you have a backup venue altogether. The important bit is to have a Plan B just in case.

Outdoor elements.

An outdoor summer wedding can be truly beautiful but be prepared for unwanted guests like bugs.  These uninvited guests will always turn up at an outdoor wedding. From flies to mozzies and ants, Australia’s insects love to crash a good wedding, especially around dusk. While it can be irritating for guests, there are a few things you can do to help lessen the disturbance. Talk to your florist about choosing flowers that repel insects (like lavender, sunflowers and the like) and have unscented bug repellent available to guests, burn nicely scented or unscented citronella candles and keep fans moving as mozzie love still air.

Likewise, hot sun means it’s equally important to stay sun smart. Have sunscreen available for guests to keep them safe and if possible have shade umbrellas or undercover areas. Even small, chilled bottles of water will be welcome. Why not make it fun and create custom labelled bottles?

Your bouquet and flower arrangements will need extra TLC.

Excess heat and humidity can either dry out or make your flower arrangement a wilted, droopy mess. Having a cool water spray bottle to give them a refresh or even better a cooler to put your bouquet in between the ceremony and reception can give them extra life.

Download our latest issue of Off-Peak Weddings Magazine for tips on how to keep your flowers looking fresh for the whole event.

Choose a menu that reflects the weather.

When you create your catering menu, opt for fresh produce over heavy food to offset the heat. Think cool refreshing canapes, seafood, fruit, cold drinks and even ice cream or gelato for dessert on a hot summer evening is always a welcomed treat.