Stunning in Summer

bryan claresta at rivefrstone

From sunrise to sunset, a summer wedding has all the ingredients you need for an outdoor celebration that spreads the love (in a socially distanced kind of way). Summer opens up the heart, new ideas land, and we embrace the opportunity to move forward. Summer is full of creative solutions for your big day – plans can – and do – change. We’ve pivoted and turned so many times now, we’ve mastered the dance!

Weddings are adaptable things – an intimate and magical spot for a ceremony at dawn, a small gathering of family and friends on a hilltop with exquisite views, a picnic in a stunning garden, or among the vines – all things are possible. And now all goes well, and larger gatherings are possible, big dreams can also be bought to life in a heartbeat. Relax and go with the flow is the best advice –just say I do your own way.

If you’ve had to scale back the guest list, perhaps you can now think big and go to a new level of luxury, and equally, an easy, simple and small wedding today can be celebrated later with the best you got (excellent reason to wear that gorgeous dress again too!)

The walk up the aisle can be done in so many ways in summer. Let your imagination take you there – a cherry orchard aisle, a forest walk aisle, through the vines, along the river or wandering a winding garden path.

Outdoors under blue skies, with the scent of jasmine in the air, and a warm breeze on your skin – that’s the summer vibe that makes getting hitched at this time of the year the perfect choice.

Photo by Bryan Claresta at Riverstone Estate