Little Big Vows – The Pop Up Wedding

Photo : at Riverstone Estate by Ateia

by Louise Cranwell

Micro, elopement, pop up, bespoke seems to be the pivoting language we are hearing a lot right now, but to be honest these styles of weddings have been around for some time. Many wedding industry greats have always offered this type of wedding.

A micro or pop-up wedding is an intimate occasion that includes a small number of guests to witness a marriage ceremony and often includes an intimate celebration with food and beverages to be enjoyed and shared over a few hours. It may take place in an amazing winery or venue, or you may have a special place such as family property that can be transformed into a romantic setting.

Elopement weddings may suit couples that have chosen to share their vows with just each other. They may include two special people in their lives to witness this exchange or even a photographer can be a witness. The couple may have already been married before or time is not on their side – there are lots of reasons why this option is desirable. The point is – your wedding day should be unique to you and reflect your personalities.

Couples choosing to have a micro wedding or elope are often wanting to take the sometimes stressful, time consuming planning and the large cost out of this age-old tradition. They may also want to take advantage of an amazing venue, stylist, photographer or celebrant that was possibly out of their budget or in high demand. They also don’t care if they get married on a Tuesday if it means not settling on style and professionalism.

Most importantly, weddings in any shape or form are monumental events in our life. My mum, who unfortunately is not with us anymore, has taught me how short life really is and that the significance of special events are to be treasured no matter what shape or size!

If a micro or elopement wedding is sounding like something that ticks all your boxes make sure you choose suppliers such as celebrants or photographers that you align with – maybe you are both loud and crazy so choose someone to marry you that is also! Remember, you won’t have your “tribe” around you to help create an atmosphere, so choose suppliers who are going to reflect your vibe and contribute to making your day wonderfully memorable.

About Louise Cranwell

After years of being in a career I hated, I finally found something I was good at! Connecting, organising, meeting people, executing events and most importantly waving off a couple at the end of their wedding knowing that I had contributed to one of their biggest memories – starting a life with the one you want to spend the rest of it with! I have created a ‘hub’ to connect the right people to each other. In addition to Loubelle events and co.

I have “given life” to Little Big Vows: bringing together our industry greats that want to see and give love on a weekday too. Little Big Vows is just that, Little weddings with your Big Vow promises. Having grown up in the Yarra Valley, I know what beautiful venues are out there (I’ve enjoyed too much wine at some of them) and I know they don’t just open on a Saturday or Sunday. Little Big Vows is for the couple that wants to get married now, simple, meaningful, bespoke and unique to you – taking the overcomplication out of this age-old tradition.