Starry, Starry Nights

Rick lIston star shot Megan and Aaron

by Rick Liston

“What I love about taking my couples out into a field for a starry night photo is that it is quite likely the only photo like that they may ever have taken in their lives. Technically speaking, it is the most difficult photo of the day, and a lot of conditions have to be right in order to get it. This is what makes it so spectacular when you get to show the couple the result after they’ve been standing together in a field in the dark. The slow shutter speed of the camera reveals a nightscape we’re incapable of even seeing with the naked eye, so it’s mesmerising to discover what’s up there above you.

There is another beautiful by-product of taking these photos. They actually give the couple an opportunity to come outside, into the night air to spend a few quiet moments with each other, standing together, holding one another and breathing as one in order to be as still as possible.

You seldom get a chance to just be with each other on your wedding day, as strange as it sounds, let alone under an awe-inspiring sky of stars, which if you’re used to living in the city, you may not often have the chance to see.”