Wedding Shoes just the way you like it

jess and Clio gym boots

No one wants to be uncomfortable on their wedding day and while a new pair of shoes to match your gorgeous outfit is all part of the fun of shopping for your big day, fashion can be freedom to choose the crazy, the cool, the comfortable and the ‘just you all-over’.

Ditch the heels if you want (who can dance in them anyway!) or put those shiny lace-ups back in the box. Trainers and gym boots are in, gorgeous big colour is in and barefoot is back.

1. Jess and Clio wore glittering gold gymboots–same but different

2. A pair of cowboy boots are perfect for outdoor wedding adventures

3. There’s no place like home and the magic of red shoes made a statement on Cass’ big day

4. Pared back and pedicured–barefoot is for everyone. Feel the earth–and explore some interesting foot jewellery if you dare

5. Trainers and sneakers are ontrend in every day life for super practical comfort and style you can’t go past. Yep, wedding sneakers are a thing!

And if designer heels, strappy sandals, metallic pinks and golds, ballet flats or funky ankle boots are your thing, go for it and do it your way. A cute pair of flats for later will ensure you’re at your best on the dance floor and beyond.