Pets at Weddings

pets at weddings  penny and neil

If leaving your precious pooch at home on the most special day of your life is not an option, inclusive weddings take on a whole new vibe when you give your beloved four legged a real role to play.

Involving the fur kids in wedding celebrations is more than a trend, it’s as real as it gets. Family is family after all!

From showing off their best smiles in the official photos, to walking the bride (or groom) down the aisle or being ring bearer, your doggo will delight in being part of the proceedings. A special honour that brings the joy and uniqueness of your day alive.

And why stop at one dog? Bring the whole gang just like Penny and Neil, and think big. Bow ties and cummerbunds–no problem. Matching collars to your dress–yes! you can do that.

And pets at weddings are not limited to the woofers. Cats, pigs, parrots and even ponies have been making days special.

No pets but adore animals? The Yarra Valley is a wonderful place to get married if you’re an animal lover because you only need ask and an alpaca can wander into shot, or a horse can graze nearby.

All photographs by Rick Liston

Penny and Neil\’s Wedding

Trish and Adrian\’s Wedding

Trish and adrien