Summertime wedding love


Summer dreams, summer themes, celebrate your day, your way. Chase the evening stars, sip sparkling wines and embrace an al fresco setting under big country skies. Cool breezes whisper through summer vines and provide sweet relief when the temperature rises. Embrace the season with a relaxed dress code that favours comfort and class. Bare shoulders, bare legs, linens and natural fibres in soft colour palettes, board brimmed hats with a touch of anything goes.

That’s the summer spirit.

It’s no secret that summertime is the season when we take time. More time to share with friends, time to get away, time to celebrate the good things in life. A summer wedding provides the perfect opportunity for a destination wedding in the Yarra Valley or Dandenong Ranges that ticks all the boxes for a relaxed break where nothing matters more than toasting summer love.

The hallmarks of a summer wedding are:

1. Refreshing refreshments

There’s no such thing as overcatering when it comes to cool refreshments! Plenty of ice and plenty of choice are the keys. Drink stations set in shady strategic locations, a neverending supply of sparkling water and a stellar wine selection all go a long way to making a celebration memorable for all the right reasons. The Yarra Valley is not shy in the wine department and your wine menu is a great way to treat your guests to something truly spectacular, whether its white, sparkling, red or a fabulous local Rose. But don’t overlook the Yarra Valley’s own craft beer range as well. It’s not just about wine!

2. Fresh and fruity food

Reflect the nature of the season with a festive summertime menu. In summer, the food is light, fresh, inspired and healthy. Imaginative salads, fresh bread and cheeses, charcuterie and light meats such as local Yarra Valley trout, salmon or free-range chicken are delicious and preferred options.

The buffet comes into its own during summer. Grazing tables let people choose how, when and what they want to eat. And this summer, how about embracing a pink and pretty vibe with a dessert grazing table! Fresh fruits are in abundance, jewel-like cherries, gem-like blueberries, strawberries and the first apples of the season. Add a local Yarra Valley cheese – feta and soft creamy bries are first choices. Fruit compotes with a splash of local gin or prosecco, or the simple addition of fresh mint to macerated strawberries – good with anything!

3. A stunning destination

Escape the city swelter – the mountains and vineyards are perfect summer destinations for winding down and chilling out. The coolest place to get married could be under an arbour draped in trailing vines, or scented jasmine. Or walk down the aisle by the water with an outdoor ceremony by the Yarra River, a babbling stream, lake, dam or waterfall. Historic sites also provide that often sought after ‘cool world’, with established shady gardens, stone walls and other features that make them perfect summer locations. Grand mansions, old dairies, wine cellars and buildings that rest in the deep shade of the Great Dividing Range can all be considered.

Be creative as you plan your wedding day. Love an early morning? How about a sunrise wedding before the heat of the day? Want all weather contingencies? Set your ceremony in an air-conditioned room filled with neverending views or fill the space with flowers and greenery. Super casual? A pool party wedding reception might be the perfect answer.

Cherish the moment. Starry nights are yours, the great MiIky Way a photographer’s dream backdrop. Dip your toes in the water, raise your glass to the people who fill your life with love and get hitched in the season of sunshine.