Spring Wedding Favour Ideas You’ll Want to Nab

Wedding favours or bonbonniere are a wonderful way to both theme a wedding and say thanks to your guests for attending your celebration.

Here are a few ideas to inspire your planning and add a bit of fun to your day.

Cracking Good Fun
Not just for the Christmas season, create customised crackers for your big day with tiny prizes inside and instead of the cheesy joke, why not include a random fact about the couple to get conversations at the reception table going?

Wedding Crackers

Individual Treat Bags
By the time the cake is cut, so much of it goes uneaten. So why not print up some customised treat bags for guests to take home a slice for later. You can even use them for a separate treat altogether such as a cupcake, cookie or bag of lollies for your guests to enjoy later.

Local Love.
A bottle of wine from your winery-based venue, a quality, a curated bottle of gin, a jar of honey or jam, chutney, hand-poured candles with a signature scent, you name it. Treat your guests to some locally made products.

Supporting regional producers, makers and farm gates in the Yarra Ranges by gifting something local is a lovely way to showcase the gorgeous region you’ve been married in and allow your guests to savour their gift again after the day’s over.

Small jar of honey

In-Room Gifts.
If your bridal party, family and special guests are staying locally speak to the venue about having a small bottle of booze or some custom designed artisan chocolates delivered with a thank you note as a special surprise nightcap for their return.

Small bottles of champagne