Six Key Questions to Ask Your Celebrant

A wedding sigh reading happily ever after.

In the same way that every couple’s wedding is different, so too are celebrants and finding one that best reflects your style and personality as a couple is key to ensuring your ceremony is meaningful and memorable for all the right reasons.

While you’re narrowing down your choices, keep these key questions in mind to help with your decision and planning. Finding the right celebrant who instils confidence in you will be an enormous help on your big day.

1. How much does it cost, what’s included in the fee and what is the cancellation/ postponement process?

These are the big ones to tick off your list, but by all means not the only important things to consider. Choosing a celebrant is so much more than choosing one with a low price. Many celebrants will bring their own audio equipment, some might choose to work with the venue’s provided microphone and audio system. Asking these questions upfront will assist in planning your budget and are important pieces of information you need to plan your wedding budget. With the unpredictability of 2020, it also helps to know their policies on cancellations or postponements in terms of what happens to your deposit and what happens should they need to cancel?

2. What’s their style as a celebrant?

You’ll want your ceremony to reflect you as a couple so be clear with the type of ceremony you want from romantic to quirky, to traditional and make sure your celebrant’s personality matches that. This can also apply to what you’d like them to wear at your wedding too (they’ll be in the photos after all.)

3. How do they work with you to personalise your ceremony?

Can your celebrant help you write your vows? Will they work with you to offer samples of different ceremony rituals? Consider how you can work together to create the ceremony that feels right for you.

4. What happens during a rehearsal, how often will they want to meet prior to your day?

Some celebrants prefer to walk through all the details in the lead up to the day, showing your wedding party where to stand, running you through the process. Find a celebrant you feel comfortable and confident with so on the big day you won’t need to worry.

5. How will they manage surprises?

This might sound odd, but talking to your celebrant about how they’ll manage situations like what happens if the skies open up and rain pelts down on your ceremony or you have excitable flower girls and ring bearers, crying babies or a crying bride/ groom who’s overcome with emotions and can’t speak their vows will take the stress out of it on the day. Asking your celebrant what the worst scenario was they’ve dealt with and how they managed might help ease your anxiety on the day.

6. What paperwork is required?

Once you’ve chosen your preferred celebrant, discuss with them what paperwork they’ll need to receive from you before the wedding date and how far in advance it’s needed. This could be anything from a signed contract for them to birth certificates and personal documentation so they can properly prepare your paperwork.

We caught up with some of the region’s best celebrants to chat about how they work with couples to make the big day, even better as well as some of their helpful hints and tips. Read all about it by downloading the Winter 2021 issue of Off Peak weddings, available now.