Destination Winter 2020

winter Laura and will

Comfort and togetherness. Winter arrives with us already well practiced in the things we love most about the season. This year we emerge from the cocoon of these colder months in a much more gradual way, responding to the practical nature of our confinement, while seeking the reconnection to the world and each other that helps us feel whole. We have newfound skills in viewing life virtually, and in its own way this brings us to new vistas and people to connect with.

The Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges change with the season yet remain unchanged – beautiful, plentiful, restful – every day of the year. The vintage harvested in autumn makes its way into bottles and to our tables by special delivery, the feasting food is prepared and the home fires are still burning.

Because one thing is certain, like the change of seasons can be relied on, so too can we anticipate the opening of the cellar doors, the restaurants, the roads to nowhere and the coming together of family and friends to celebrate our renewed appreciation of life.

Nothing will matter – we will welcome the rain, relish the snowfalls and fall in love all over again with the experience of being alive in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges. All that yearning, all that dreaming – it will carry you here.