Heating Up a Winter Wedding

Winter is fresh feels, cheeks are flushed with love and the heart pumps a little faster. It’s a season for the adventurous spirit to take over. Be bold, be brave and start this union as you tend to continue it — courageously! There is a quality to winter that can only be found in the coolness of the season. Imagine fireflies and magical fairy lighting, braziers with roaring fires that cast the world in dappled light. Think snuggly wraps and dramatic long coats, holding hands and keeping close. A winter Yarra Valley wedding theme could possibly be the most romantic of all.

Yarra Valley Winter weddings are about dancing madly to warm the toes (there’s no such thing as too soppy when it comes to the wedding playlist) and the pleasure of deep velvety red wines, mulled ciders and warming spirits. Your wedding reception menu can have it all – a feast of sticky sauces, falling off the bone meats and braises, sweetly roasted vegetables, hearty grains and handmade pasta, and indulgent oozy boozy chocolate puddings and warming spicy delights that linger in the mouth and remind you of a time when life was simpler.

The crackling of open fireplaces in cosy rooms brings a grand, if not elemental, feel to your celebrations. From cosy tucked away rooms through to grand ballrooms, there is an intimacy, a privacy that is unique to winter – your inner circle is right there with you and the world is yours alone. And seriously why wait any longer to get married than you have to?

You’ve probably waited long enough already!

Mythbusting a winter wedding

1. It will be cold – For every person that has sweltered through a wedding in a jacket and tie, and every bride that would prefer to be covered and comfortable, the winter wedding will sound like a gift. You actually get more choice in winter – wear what you want!

2. It will be raining and dull – Actually 46% of days in winter have sun or partial sun. Plus the light is way more flattering in photos and dramatic winter skies can make for eye catching backdrops for your photos.

3. We won’t get good photos outside – Your photographer will have plenty of suggestions for amazing undercover locations for photos in the Yarra Valley. If inside is your only option, choosing venues or locations that have expansive glass windows will allow you to capture a little outside inside, and there are amazing indoor settings that will be the perfect alternative backdrop for your shoot. You can even get creative with foliage and flowers. Look for huge windows and fireside photos, rural sheds to create great mood, and wineries filled with wine barrels as backdrops.

4. We will get dirty – Your Yarra Valley wedding venue will have plenty of hacks to ensure you stay clean and dry. A red carpet? No worries. Umbrellas for everyone, shoe covers and covered pathways? Of course! You might be surprised how prepared they are for changes in conditions – it is Melbourne after all – regardless of the season.

And a little wet weather won’t dampen YOUR fire! You’ll be too busy setting the world alight with your love.