Why I Love Weddings in the Yarra Valley

Growing up in Healesville, it wasn’t actually until I left that I began to realise just what a unique and alluring part of the world the Yarra Valley truly is. After five years of working in Shanghai, I have a deeper appreciation of our sweeping vistas, rolling vineyards and crisp, country air than most. When my daughter arrived, my wife and I traded the congestion and face masks for my family property in Badger Creek. My working environment is now gorgeous Yarra Valley wedding venues, mostly set on an expansive vineyard, each with their own charismatic charm and exceptional food and service. 

There is a tremendous community vibe that we all share here. Locals band together and grow with each other, something I seldom found in the city. We also have the benefit of a terrific work-life balance. Busy weekends lead to quieter week days where the town runs at a calmer pace and thanks to my job, I get to spend more time with my daughter than most other fathers I know.

As a Yarra Valley wedding photographer here, I am telling people all the time how it feels to have the greatest job in the world. To work with people on the best day of their lives, capturing images of them enjoying our region that they will cherish forever. Thanks to the abundance of weddings out here, there are photos of the Yarra Valley adorning the walls of living rooms and social media posts all over the world #yarravalleylife

I feel so proud to live in an area that attracts cultured visitors from far and wide, and so privileged that it’s my job to help them always remember it.

I also want to give a shout out to all the wedding venues that make my job so easy by filling my photos with such a visual splendour and making my subjects feel like there’s nowhere they’d rather be.


Above: Taken at Alowyn Gardens

Above: Taken at Stones of the Yarra Valley

Above: Taken at Killara Estate

Above: Taken at Yarra Ranges Estate

Above: Taken at Paynes Rise

Above: Taken at Riverstone Estate

Above: Taken at Sir Paz Estate


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