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With Lucy Spartalis and Alastair Innes | She Takes Pictures He Makes Films


Whilst photography is considered essential to any wedding day, videography has often been overlooked as an optional extra. The old fashioned type of wedding video – lengthy, lacking in professional editing and creativity, and hard to watch more than once has been pushed aside in the last ten years with professional videographers creating highly engaging, expertly edited vignettes set perfectly to musical soundtracks, making viewers want to rewatch again and again.

And during these times of limited guest lists, and the all -important presence of social media in our lives, having a gorgeous wedding vid to share is high up on the essential wedding to-do lists. Capturing your wedding day in a beautiful and emotive film is a great way to share your highlights with loved ones who may not be able to attend, and who will treasure the opportunity to experience the key moments through a professionally crafted film. And you get to share your precious day with the world exactly the way you want to.

Lucy and Alastair from She Takes Pictures He Makes Films, bring together professional video and photography in one bespoke package and they know how to work together to ensure both elements are given the attention needed. “Our clients know that both photographs and films are essential for documenting all of the emotion, excitement, and beauty of their celebration.

A photograph freezes one moment in time and elevates its magic; a film weaves many hundreds of moments together with the aid of a perfect musical soundtrack, creating the most wonderful and detailed keepsake from the day.”

It’s one thing to have a gorgeous film post event but what about on the day? Lucy says, “In these unprecedented times, Livestreaming your ceremony via a platform like Zoom also allows those who couldn’t attend to witness those wonderful moments live. Setting up a laptop or iPad in a corner of the space and having your loved ones tune in can make a somewhat empty room feel absolutely filled with love (and the guests can attend in any attire they like - either in their finest wedding threads, or most comfortable trackies - bonus!).”

Whilst Livestreaming will provide a real-time experience, it won’t include the various creative elements that take a professional film to another level, so a combination of both is the perfect way to provide an in-the-moment live experience, and a more beautifully crafted keepsake to treasure for a lifetime.

Four tips for top results

1. Inhabit your natural beauty – it’s the best day of your life – own it!

2. No need to pose or be self-conscious – ignore the cameras as best you can.

3. Work with the photographer/videographer – be brave and try their ideas – the results will be worth it and unique.

4. Encourage your guests to get involved – onsite or remotely.

About Chenoa + Jamie’s Wedding video

Chenoa + Jamie’s moving and memorable ceremony was held at Glasshaus Inside, during Melbourne’s Stage 3 lockdown, which kicked in only 24 hours before their wedding day. What was already going to be a very intimate ceremony with only close family and friends present and a Zoom broadcast, suddenly became even smaller.

“Alastair and I sat talking about it all on the eve of the big day. We knew we had to find a way to make their wedding film a truly special one; to somehow encapsulate the whole story of their day, for everyone involved, and to celebrate this incredible time we’re living in when, despite an isolating global pandemic, love (and wonderful technology) keeps us all together. We got word out to the couple’s family and friends, encouraging them to film their at home experience of Chenoa + Jamie’s joyous and moving ceremony, so that we could weave their perspectives into the couple’s film,” says Lucy.

Photo: Courtesy of She Takes Pictures He Makes Films

“Chenoa + Jamie were thrilled with the result, as are we! We hope anyone viewing the film can feel what we all felt on that incredible day... standing in an almost empty room that still felt full to the brim with love.”