Unusual Ceremony Locations

Unique places to declare your own kinda love

By Robynne Mauger, Rainbow Celebrant Yarra Valley

“So, tell me your story”, I ask every one of my loved-up couples when we meet. Every couple has their own unique story to tell. And I love that feeling when you are drawn into their private places where they share the journey that got them wanting to be married. Romantic conversations flow, love stories are told, and happy tears are wept; so much so that the emotion takes over and grabs hold of your heart. Such is the power of love when eyes are locked, and hearts are open.

How do people choose their own place to be married? Sometimes a couple will have it all teased out, but mostly they will just know once they start the love story of how they met and why, a certain place takes hold of their emotions. A first meeting, a first kiss, a proposal. A celebration that captures their connection with each other and provides an insight for their guests into that place that ensures they have experienced the ultimate moment in time.


“For the love of cowboy boots.”

Cowboy boots and tattoos. That is what we had in common. Animals, tattoos and the raw outdoors. The horse ménage was decked out with row seating, a flower arbour the focal point, and hay strewn down the long aisle. Those boots sashayed down the aisle to the sound of goats bleating and horses neighing. Nothing was going to interrupt those vows. DOWNLOAD THE OFF PEAK WEDDINGS DIGITAL MAGAZINE HERE

“We fell in love on a mountain top.”

So I suggested the couple seals their marriage on that mountain top where all their memories will come flooding back. And we did. On Skyline Road, Yarra Glen where the vistas were boundless and Bunjil visited. A private moment of peace and tranquillity, where time stood still and travelled a million miles at the same time. Bunjil’s visit was very important and added depth to the ceremony. A true union in privacy and tranquillity.

“We met in Thailand.”

We met in Thailand where we talked the night away about all things relating to Thai martial arts; so let’s come out of your corner, not fighting, ready to declare a victory for love. A love of all things Thai related and martial arts was the link. The ceremony was conducted in the boxing ring that was the central focus of the martial arts studio. Gloves were on and off, promises were made, passion and places. The colour scheme was matched to the studio colours and food was a fusion of Thai meets Australia.

“Our eyes locked over a vintage guitar.”

“We met at a jam session; and music continued to remain a focus in our relationship. Our eyes locked over a vintage guitar.” Our music is very retro and our lives match the beat. Warburton Motel captured the atmosphere with all things 70s. Authenticity and originality was paramount, and it set the perfect scene. The glitz and glamour shined in the shade of the old spruce tree as vows were said and drinks flowed from the back of a Kombi.

“In the heart of the forest.”

Deep in the heart of Redwood Forest, so quiet you could hear another’s heartbeat. The stormy clouds parted, the rain held off and the sun shone deep down as two special people committed their lives in marriage with only their family as witnesses. Private, passionate and poignant. Hearts beating loudly. Commitment cemented and a rainbow hung over us all. The coloured sands were symbolic of the enmeshment of two families, with each member adding their own colour to the vase.


About Rainbow Celebrant Yarra Valley

Robynne Mauger, Rainbow Celebrant

Robynne brings out the authenticity of every couple’s story. Raw and powerful emotion that brings people together to cement their relationship. Enough romance and scripting to bring about the love shared between two people without making it mushy. Open to all relationships and creative ceremonies at any venue.


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