Spring Wedding Cocktails

with love from Four Pillars Gin

Simple and delicious, these cocktails let the star of the show shine through! Yes, of course you’re the real star, but these sexy wedding cocktails (which truly can be enjoyed anytime, even the day after the night before) are always going to win a round of applause.

No need to overcomplicate perfection – that could just be the right theme for your wedding day as well!


Photo courtesy of Four Pillars Gin

Bloody Shiraz Spritz

30ml Four Pillars Bloody

Shiraz Gin

30ml ruby grapefruit juice

Sparkling wine

Add Bloody Shiraz Gin and juice to a champagne flute. Top with sparkling wine.

Photo Courtesy of Four Pillars Gin

Tom Collins

50ml Rare Dry Gin

25ml fresh lemon juice

15ml sugar syrup

Soda water


Shake the gin, lemon and sugar syrup over ice. Strain into a highball with ice. Top with soda water. Garnish with a wheel of lemon.

Photo Courtesy of Four Pillars Gin

Red Snapper (recovery next day)

45ml Rare Dry Gin

100ml fresh tomato juice

20ml fresh lemon juice

15ml Worcestershire sauce

Tabasco sauce



Build in a highball over ice. Stir well to combine. Garnish with a celery stick and lemon wedge.