A floral tribute to love

With Louise Petrie - The Redwood Florist 

Every season of the year provides its own bounty of flowers and inspiration for The Redwood Florist, Louise Petrie, a Yarra Valley local who brings her own touch of design magic to create wedding flowers that bloom with love. The secret, says Louise, is to reveal the unique personality of the bride, with each flower in a bouquet a carefully considered and perfectly formed expression of love.

Photo Credit: Passionflowersue, Florals by Passionflowersue

“Some brides know exactly what they like – thank you Pinterest! – others have a vision that I help them articulate. There are so many choices, and it’s really important to consider what flowers are in season and available locally, what the overall theme of the wedding is and what the current design trends are,” says Louise. “I’m with my brides all the way, even on the wedding day with drop off timed to ensure the flowers are in their full beauty. I will do anything to make sure they are fresh and perfect on the day.”

Many brides seek a bouquet with a difference, and there are many new styles gaining popularity as florists experiment with innovative forms and shapes. From an environmental perspective, there is a move away from using floristry ‘oasis’ foam, and this alone has seen an emergence of new dynamic and sculptural alternatives. “How to keep flowers securely in position is part of our design process. What you don’t see is as important as what you do!”

“I’m loving the new ‘Floral Jewellery’ trend. Not every bride wants to carry a bouquet so the creative response in floristry has been ‘wearable flowers’. Elaborate head pieces made from flowers, capes or wraps, and amazing floral necklaces and bracelets that extend up the arm are gorgeous ways to incorporate flowers into the wedding outfit. It’s definitely something we will see more of in future weddings.”

Popular summer themes are:

  • Monochromatic colour palettes in soft muted shades

  • The Boho theme – it may even be the new classic!

  • The ‘toffee rose’ – ‘Coffee coloured’ flowers that sit delightfully in

    any colour palette especially soft blushes

  • Disrupted flowers, fully open blooms, free flowing with long stems,

    and a loose construction.

Photo Credit: Passionflowersue, Florals by Passionflowersue

"Live in the moment of the flowers, enjoy them as they are, and as they start to wilt. All the phases of a flower have their own inherent beauty."

Beyond the bouquet or corsages, hanging installations, incomplete floral arches, structural flower pillars and garlands are all trending for weddings, and all bring their own touch to the theatre of a wedding.

And beyond the ceremony Louise says, “Use the bouquets as additional table decorations. At the end of the night give your flowers away to special people who have helped you along the way and make sure they are enjoyed for as long as they can be.”

“Every bride has her own personality and my passion is to create a unique floral arrangement just for her. When a bride sees her flowers for the first time and she says, ‘they are even better than I imagined’ then I am truly satisfied.”

“Gone are the days of traditional posies! When putting together a bouquet there is always an element of design – almost anything goes but they still need to look ‘right’. That’s the design eye that makes this such pleasing work,” says Louise.

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