Dried Flowers bring summer florals to life

With Louise Petrie | The Redwood Florist

What’s made this trend so popular?

Dried florals tie in really well with the “boho look” which is so popular. The natural tones of dried flowers are on trend for their soft and natural colour palette. They also really help with big installations such as alter pieces and arches or overhead hanging installations, providing a sense of drama and texture. The most popular way is to have preserved and dyed blooms, mixed with dried and fresh flowers to create a look.

What are the secrets to getting them right?

Dried stems, blooms and leaves can be quite rigid so adding fresh flowers softens the look and gives the piece more movement, texture and interest. There aren’t any set rules for these type of arrangements and the secret is often to create the piece as I go along – that way I can work with what is there to create that balance between harmony and drama. Dried flowers are great options for summer weddings as they are super heat resilient.

What’s the best colour palette?

Natural tones mixed with whites, soft pinks and coffee tones with pops of colour are very popular. Soft oranges and copper tones too. I’ve also started to see really bright dyed colours – like electric colours coming through. Super vibrant and real statement pieces.

What does ‘reusable’ bouquets mean - is that a thing?

When I work with brides I encourage them to think about how their bouquets can then be used as decorations at the reception. Using them as part of table settings, or on the cake table lets you carry a theme through really easily and makes sense financially.

What are your tips for perfect arrangements with dried florals?

Preparation is very important. Lots of texture mixed with the softness of fresh seasonal flowers look awesome. My job is to make sure the mechanics are correct. What you don’t see in behind the bouquet that gives it structure and resilience is where the real work is.

What methods are there to preserve bouquet these days?

Some brides do like to have their bouquet preserved as a keepsake and it’s easy to keep any elements of your bouquet that are dried. Natives are also a great choice if you’d like to preserve your bouquet. The best tip is to keep your bouquet out of water to let it dry naturally.

“Dried flowers are great options for summer weddings as they are super heat resilient.”

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