Brunch Weddings for a beautiful start your day, and your life

Love the idea of a relaxed wedding that doesn’t need to tick the tradition box? The Brunch Wedding is a perfect match. Choosing an early morning ceremony might have you up early – but who can sleep in on the big day anyway? There’s still plenty of hours for getting ready if you plan it well. And by late morning you’re feasting as newlyweds with your special guests.

The Brunch Wedding can be indoors or outdoors and themed to your heart’s desire. Simplicity and freedom are key. You may choose to relax the dress code (for guests and yourself!) and find super-affordable ways to have an elegant and totally gorgeous day, your way.

The time you might lose in the morning can be gained in the afternoon (although it is perfectly fine to leave your brunch and head off ‘just married’ as early as you please), and it’s perfectly acceptable to have an after-party destination in mind for your inner circle to keep the celebrations going a little longer.

Ways to Brunch your Wedding


Brunch food is serious business and a great way to showcase local Yarra Valley produce at its peak – just picked, fresh and vibrant. Choose to offer buffet or sit down with some caterers offering chef attended and full breakfast options also. A great brunch will have a selection of sweet and savoury offers but beyond that there aren’t many rules.

Delicious brunch fare can include:
Finger foods, mini quiches, blinis, waffles, bite sized fritters, crepes, mini sliders, decadent muffins, DIY poke bowls, gorgeous Portuguese sardines on crostini, tarts, croissants, labne and cheese boards, charcuterie with farmhouse smoked hams and salumeria, scones, pastries (of all persuasions), parfaits (with fresh fruit) and something special such as beetroot cured Salmon, fresh prawns or oysters in shot glasses.

And if you’re thinking a High Tea might fit the brunch theme you’re totally on trend.

If you can’t leave without cutting the cake, you can go traditional or choose something light and gorgeous such as a crepe stack, a simple single tier or something light and dreamy that guests can enjoy for dessert. But seriously does a croque en bouche ever go out of style?

“Sweet and succulent donuts are now a part of many celebrations with ‘donut walls’ and ‘stacks’ on offer for guests to choose their own.”


The first necessity is awesome coffee (maybe a coffee-based cocktail wouldn’t go astray – hello Espresso Martini) and beyond that some special Brunch Cocktails such as Bloody Marys, spritzers, mimosas (OJ plus sparkling) and anything Four Pillars Gin based will be appreciated. Fill your guest’s glasses with local Rosé or sparkling, and dive in with classic chardonnays, robust reds and craft beers.

Ensure there are plenty of fresh juices, sparkling water, non-alcoholic beverages and teas. A tea station is a great idea stocked with plenty of varieties to choose from and delicious condiments to take them to the next level.

Need a great idea for a wedding favour for your Brunch Wedding? Think reusable coffee cup printed with the couple’s name and you’ve got a memorable, completely fitting keepsake.

Sean from Essential Caterer has some favourite brunch dishes to try:

  • Crepes with choc hazelnut ganache or lemon syrup

  • French toast with rhubarb compote and vanilla mascarpone

  • Open tartlets–smoked salmon, goat cheese and capers, or mushroom with thyme and brie

  • Corn cakes with baked ham, French mustard and shallots with crème sauce

  • Oven roasted chorizo, capsicum and tomatoes with Spanish paprika and sherry vinegar deglaze on rosemary focaccia

  • Vegetable ratatouille with crispy fried egg and organic sourdough 


Sean from essential catering

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