Brides, Besties & Brussel Sprouts - Married by your mate

by Virginia Lawrence

Getting married is one of the most intimate and important days of your life and you need someone really special to take care of you on the day. Usually this is an experienced celebrant who really gets you, but did you know it can also be a family member or a friend who you can completely trust to nail it?

When you think about it, what could be better than getting married by your mate? Your best friend has known you for ever. They’ve always had your back. They’ve been with you through all the good times and the bad times. You might have been with them when you first met your partner. You probably told them you were falling in love. You definitely told them that you’d found ‘The One’.

Photo: Fotogenica Wedding Photography

But, it’s harder than it looks. The reality is that it takes training and experience to be able to present a beautiful ceremony that runs smoothly, looks picture-perfect, and leaves your guests wanting more.

You need to think carefully about this option. And you can’t do it without an authorised celebrant. The celebrant takes care of the official paperwork and makes sure all the requirements are met to make it a legally recognised marriage. A good celebrant will also offer to advise on the script, come to a rehearsal, and point out all the little things that make a huge difference on the day.

I recently helped Erin marry her friends at a sweet and lovely ceremony at Country Heart Farm - the Brussel Sprout Farm as we locals know it. Erin got the job even before Bec and Dave got engaged. She promised that if they ever popped the question then she would marry them. It wasn’t possible for her to train and get authorised in time for the wedding and she thought she was off the hook. But then I got to hear about it.

Photo: Fotogenica Wedding Photography

We decided to do a double act. She took care of all the feels, and I looked after the legals. On the day, that meant I stood up for two minutes to introduce myself. I read the legally required words and signed certificates along with the couple and their witnesses. The rest of the ceremony was written and presented by Erin. Being an experienced public speaker and writer, and all-round gorgeous person, she totally pulled it off.


If you want to get married by a close friend who isn’t an authorised celebrant, the good news is that it is absolutely possible. Just give me a call. I can talk you through the whole process. Find me at


All photos: Fotogenica Wedding Photography

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