Bespoke Beauty

with Aaron Wilson, Managing Director, Michael Wilson Diamond Jewellers


“It’s important to have something that suits you, that you love. There’s no need to match your partner. Choose a design that is unique and timeless just like your love.”


“In the past ten years, there has only been one occasion where a couple has chosen a custom-made wedding pendant instead of weddings rings,” says Aaron Wilson, managing director at Michael Wilson Diamond Jewellers. “No matter what fashions come and go, and what customs change over time, the tradition of wedding and engagement rings is steadfast.”

And while tradition still plays a definite role, couples have changed over the years, with same-sex marriages bringing freshness to ring utility and design. “People are often choosing to have one fabulous ring designed that serves as both an engagement and a wedding ring. We help many male couples create exquisite wedding bands with inset diamonds and other stones – they don’t always match one another, but they do say special! Likewise, when we see female couples we often create a design for the proposal and then make a second ring so both women have something personal to wear. These days we are less likely to create ‘surprise rings’ and it’s much more typical to design the ring directly with the person who will be wearing it.”

Aaron often meets with couples or individuals with older style rings that they’d like to transform into something more contemporary. “Resetting inherited stones into modern designs makes so much sense if it means you will enjoy the piece more, and we see a lot of couples renewing their vows later in life taking the opportunity to redesign their original rings. There’s a sense of ‘upcycling’ that makes them happy too.”

Aaron loves finding rare and unusual stones for clients. Coloured stones are well regarded with earthy natural tones of cognac, brown and champagne pulling many heartstrings. “And sapphires are popular at the moment, and exquisite rare colours like green diamonds,” says Aaron. “I have sourced only two or three of these in 20 years!”

“Argyle Pink Diamonds are sought after and are excellent investment pieces. Some of our clients have found their Argyle diamond has tripled in value since they bought it, and they are becoming increasingly rarer with the mine expected to close forever at the end of 2020.”

Aaron’s advice to nuptials is simple. He says. “Enjoy your ring. When you look down you should only think of pure joy and love. Remember what your ring represents and the romance behind it.”

Choosing a ring—Aaron’s tips

  1. Always consider your wedding band when choosing your engagement ring—the two pieces need to work together.

  2. Go to the jeweller with an open mind. Do your research but expect rings to look different on the hand. Try on as many as you can to find your style.

  3. Looks are important but so is practicality. Consider your lifestyle and ensure your ring choice fits your day-to-day activities.

Expect to invest:

Engagement rings from $2500
Wedding bands from $450, or diamond inset from $890


All images supplied by Michael Wilson Diamond Jewellers