Socially Styled Events

Simply put we celebrate stories and relationships! Partnering with you, we create events that amplify the story you’re wanting to tell. We draw on the moments, the emotions and the connections and turn them into an event you will never forget!

You’re busy… we get it (you should see our to-do list!)! You’ve saved up and you’re stressing about how you’re going to fit everything in… we hear you! That’s why we created Socially Styled Events.

To make event planning and story telling an affordable option for everyone. We have a team of event staff that partner with you every step of the way – whether it’s some casual advice on what to hire so you can DIY from our gorgeous range, whether it’s someone to design your invitations or whether it’s a phone call a day to settle your nerves.

And here, we’re all alike. We enjoy the little things in life, the special moments, the beautiful stories that get told and the celebrations that bring people together.